October 29, 2020

Persiraja has to follow the decision of the PSSI

Persiraja followed this decision and stayed in Yogyakarta

Banda Aceh (threeriversburghblog) – Persiraja Banda Aceh has confirmed that it will follow PSSI’s decision to continue the Indonesian League 1 competition for the 2020 season in early November.

Persiraja’s general secretary Rahmat Djailani, who was contacted by Banda Aceh on Tuesday, said that with the decision, Persiraja would stay in Yogyakarta.

“PSSI has decided to continue the League 1 competition from November 1st, 2020. Persiraja followed this decision and will stay in Yogyakarta,” said Rahmat Djailani.

Persiraja Banda Aceh has been in Yogyakarta since September 27, 2020. Persiraja is in town because he selected the Maguwoharjo Stadium in Sleman as the home ground for the continuation of League 1 competition.

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During her stay in Yogyakarta, Rahmat Djailani said, the accommodation will be provided by PSSI in the form of hotel accommodation and breakfast. While other needs are borne by Persiraja.

Earlier, Rahmat Djailani said the club, nicknamed Lantak Laju, have suffered many losses related to the ongoing uncertainty of Indonesia’s League 1 competition in the 2020 season.

The League 1 competition was discontinued in the fourth week at the beginning of March 2020 and is to continue at the beginning of October 2020. However, the continuation of the competition was discontinued because the police did not give permission.

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“In fact, Persiraja was ready long before the competition resumed. However, the competition was postponed a few days before the game. Persiraja lost a lot,” said Rahmat Djailani.

In addition, the players are also mentally disturbed due to the unclear competition. In addition, they are far from family. The longer they are away from their family, the more influential it will be for the team, Rahmat Djailani said.

“Therefore, the decision of the meeting later has to be made with certainty by PSSI, whether the competition will continue or stop. If it does continue, guarantees of safety and health protocols to prevent COVID-19 must also be given,” said Rahmat Djailani.

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Persiraja only played three games in the Indonesian League 1 for the 2020 season. First, the hosts Bhayangkara FC played 0-0 at Harapan Bangsa Stadium in Banda Aceh on February 29, 2020.

Second, it was hosted 0-0 by Madura United at Gelora Ratu Pamelingan Stadium in Pamekasan, East Java on March 9, 2020. The third game was hosted by Persik Kediri at Brawijaya Stadium in Kediri, East Java, on March 14, 2020, with a 0-1 for Persiraja’s victory.

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Reporter: M. Haris Setiady Agus
Editor: Junaydi Suswanto

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