October 29, 2020

Madura United will have an audition against Arema FC

This can be used as the first view of the implementation of the health protocol

Jakarta (threeriversburghblog) – Madura United will have an audition match against Arema FC due next week in preparation in case the competition is rolled out at any time.

“We plan to go to Malang. Of course the atmosphere of the game will be different. Different levels also offer challenges and tests to see the development of the team,” said Madura United coach Rahmad Darmawan on Friday’s official website Association cited.

Previously, the coach, known to be known as the RD, had a problem finding a test opponent. He wants to test the strength of his foster children and that can only be achieved when you are against a team that has a level.

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Initially, Asep Berlian cs would face Persela, but Nil Maizar’s troops had just conducted a joint exercise, so it was impossible to be faced with a 90-minute game immediately.

After communicating with a number of clubs in East Java, the team, nicknamed Sape Kerrab, eventually comes up against tough opponents from League 1 competitors.

For RD, the game is not only used to measure the strength of the team, but can also be used as an arena to simulate health protocols (Prokes) for away games.

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“Of course this can be used as a first view of how the health protocol is applied in each game. This is evidence that we are a club that is committed to (implementing the health protocol),” he said.

Before the fight against Arema, the Salt Island team will play two auditions. Madura will play against Putra Sinar Giri (PSG) Gresik on Friday (16/10) and on Saturday (17/10) at the Gelora Bangkalan Stadium (SGB) Madura against Putra Spider from the internal team from Surabaya.

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Reporter: Asep Firmansyah
Editor: Junaydi Suswanto

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