October 29, 2020

Kevin de Bruyne resigned from the Belgian national team and returned to City

Jakarta (threeriversburghblog) – Kevin de Bruyne has left the Belgian national team, which will face Iceland on Wednesday (October 14th), and has returned to Manchester City.

“De Bruyne is back at his club. He’s not fit enough to play against Iceland,” the official Belgian national team tweeted on Twitter.

De Bruyne played for 73 minutes on Monday (12/10) when Belgium lost 2-1 to England in Group 2 of the 2020/2021 UEFA Nations League Division 1 match.

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After the game, Belgian coach Roberto Martinez denied the allegations that De Bruyne had been injured. According to Martinez, De Bruyne was replaced as a precautionary measure and the player was unable to perform 100 percent.

Belgium are currently one point behind England and after three games they are second in the A2 UEFA Nations League.

De Bruyne will add teammate Raheem Sterling to the list of players who could potentially miss Arsenal. Sterling also withdrew from the English national team during this international break.

City currently ranks 14th in the Premier League with four points from their first three games.

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